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Coffee Roaster Finder

Coffee roaster finder is a collection of coffee experts throughout the world that have come together to help you find the best coffee roaster where ever you are in the world. 

We use our coffee industry expertise to guide you through cities, states and countries helping you enjoy the best possible coffee along the way.

Coffee roaster finder is an ever growing and ever evolving platform, we want to create a community around coffee and invite you to recommend your favourite coffee roaster.

Coffee Roaster Finder About

What We Do?

We have visited countless coffee roasters throughout the world and have a huge network of friends in the coffee industry throughout the world. 

We want to share our favourite coffee roasters with you and with the aid of our network and thirst to visit and experience the worlds best coffee roasters we hope to guide you through the roasteries of any city in the world.

Why Trust Us?

We are a team of coffee industry professionals that are always on the hunt for the next best coffee roaster. Our reviews and write ups are honest and unbiased.

The world of specialty coffee is a tight knit community so we want to lead with trust and transparency above all. 

Our Team

Ben Ferguson

Founder and Coffee Roaster Frequenter

Ben Ferguson is the founder and chief coffee roaster reviewer at CoffeeRoasterFinder.com. 

Ben has coffee running through his veins. A coffee drinker since he can remember, Ben has worked in the coffee industry for over a decade and has been lucky enough to travel around the world working in coffee. 

Ben grew up in the UK but has lived around the world for the last 15 years. 

Ben Ferguson Selfie

Wherever Ben finds himself he always tries to sniff out the local coffee roaster and loves recommending his favourite haunts. 

When he’s not chatting coffee to heavily tattooed baristas, Ben may be found wild camping with his border collie, Alf. 

Some of Ben’s Popular Articles:

Contact Ben:

  • Email: ben@coffeeroasterfinder.com
  • Phone: +1 (703) 448-3380

Marcelo Rotella

Coffee Writer

Introducing Marcelo, an aficionado of both coffee and cinema, who has seamlessly blended his expertise in the realm of coffee with his flair for narrative.

Marcelo’s professional journey in the coffee sector is marked by a commitment to mastering brewing techniques while simultaneously indulging his artistic inclinations through the medium of film.

His academic background is rooted in the National Film School of Venezuela, where Marcelo honed his craft in filmmaking and narrative construction.

Marcello Rotella

This foundation in film has enriched his approach to coffee journalism, allowing him to weave engaging stories with his extensive knowledge of coffee culture.

Through his writings, Marcelo offers a treasure trove of coffee knowledge, crafting articles that guide readers through the intricate tapestry of coffee culture, from its storied past to the cutting-edge methods of today.

Embark on this exploration with Marcelo as your guide and experience the enchantment of coffee in a whole new light.

Some of Marcello’s Popular Articles:

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Tom Saxon

Coffee Writer

Tom has been working in the coffee industry for over 10 years in many parts of the supply chain. 

He cut his teeth as a barista in Sydney, where he really fell in love with specialty coffee and learned how to make the perfect flat white. 

Tom then spent a year in South and Central America visiting many coffee farms with a chunk of his time working on a Colombian coffee farm (as pictured here). 

Tom Saxon Coffee Farm

Tom returned to the UK and immediately started working at one of Manchesters oldest specialty coffee roasters learning the art and science of roasting coffee.

Tom has since founded one of the UK’s most popular coffee subscription business Batch Coffee Club as well as writing for many well known publications. 

Some of Tom’s Popular Articles:

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Leonard Campañas

Coffee Writer

Leonard Campañas is an experienced writer with a passion for coffee. 

He was Registered Medical Technologist in the Philippines for 4 years and 3 months, but left his job and pursued a career in writing and digital marketing.

Leonard Campañas Coffee Writer