Coffee Roasters in Geelong

Geelong is a hustle and bustle city in Victoria, Australia.

Coffee culture is well established in many of the big cities over Australia and same can be said about the smaller ones. 

Although you may not ba able to find the concentration of coffee roasters that you would in Melbourne or Sydney there is still a great coffee scene here in Geelong.

Here are my top coffee roasters found in Geelong. 

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Geelong's best coffee roasters

6 Best Coffee Roasters in Geelong

Geelong has a few belters that I found below. However, please leave a comment below if I missed off your fave.

1. Cartel Coffee Roasters

2. South America Coffee Co.

SouthAmerica Coffee Co. is a family-owned and operated coffee roaster that is dedicated to providing the highest quality coffee beans.

3. Capra Coffee

Capra Coffee is a coffee roaster located in South Geelong, Victoria that was founded to provide quality, fresh coffee to cafés.

4. Untitled Cafe

Untitled Cafe is located in two neighborhoods in Geelong.

5. Geelong Coffee Roasters

Geelong Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster located in Geelong, Victoria that has been roasting specialty coffee for over 26 years.

6. Blend Co Southern

Blend Co Southern was established in 2018 by two coffee roasters with over 25 years of experience sharing knowledge together.

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