Best Atlanta Coffee Roasters

Atlanta’s coffee scene is as rich and diverse as its culture, offering a warm cup of Southern hospitality with each brew.

As a passionate coffee snob, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring the city’s vibrant coffee roastery landscape.

From the artisanal charm of Firelight to the community-driven mission of Portrait Coffee, each roaster brings a unique flavor to the table, quite literally.

My journey through Atlanta’s coffee roasters has been a quest for the perfect coffee, a pursuit that’s led me to hidden gems and local favorites alike. 

Whether you’re a local or just passing through, there’s a coffee roaster here that’s sure to capture your heart and taste buds.

8 Best Coffee Roasters in Atlanta

Atlanta has an incredible coffee scene, and there are plenty of coffee roasters in the city that offer high-quality coffee beans, expertly roasted to perfection. Here are the top 8 coffee roasters in Atlanta that you should definitely check out.

1. Firelight Coffee

Firelight Coffee  is a specialty coffee roaster that sources and roasts exceptional, verifiably sustainable coffee.

After speaking to their co-founder Todd Johnson, here is how he described Firelight:

Our goal is to set a high standard in the coffee industry through initiatives like our innovative coffee benchmarking process, fully recyclable packaging, and ethical employment practices.

We have been a small business in our local community in the heart of Atlanta for ten years, and in that time have seen and created impact by fueling many local cafes and moving them toward regenerative, sustainable processes.

This process starts with the coffee, where we selectively source from known importers that work closely with us to confirm sustainable farm practices, ethical labor, and social impact in the coffee producing country.

In Atlanta, we provide resources to cafes to encourage waste reduction, and operate our roastery as close to zero-waste as possible.

Firelight Coffee Roasters

2. Brash Coffee

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3. Atlanta Coffee Roasters

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4. Peach Coffee Roasters

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5. Rev Coffee

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6. San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co

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7. Bellwood Coffee

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8. Radio Roasters Coffee

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Where can I find the best Atlanta coffee roasters near me?

There are several great Atlanta coffee roasters to choose from, depending on your location. Some of the best options include Brash Coffee, Three Heart Coffee, and Chattahoochee Coffee Company. You can use online directories like Yelp or Atlanta Coffee Shops to find the best coffee roasters near your location.

What makes Portrait Coffee Roasters stand out among other Atlanta coffee roasters?

Portrait Coffee Roasters is known for their commitment to quality and sustainability. They source their beans directly from small-scale farmers and roast them in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and flavor. They also use eco-friendly packaging and donate a portion of their profits to social and environmental causes.

What are some of the best Atlanta coffee roasters for espresso?

If you’re looking for a great espresso, some of the best Atlanta coffee roasters to check out include East Pole Coffee Co., Radio Roasters Coffee, and Prevail Union ATL. These roasters use high-quality beans and have skilled baristas who know how to pull a perfect shot.

How many coffee shops can be found in Atlanta?

According to a guide to Atlanta coffee roasters, there are over 200 coffee shops in the Atlanta metro area. However, the number of coffee roasters is a small fraction of that number. This means that many coffee shops in Atlanta source their beans from outside the city, so it’s important to do your research if you’re looking for locally roasted coffee.

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