Best Coffee Roasters in San Diego to Visit Now!

What a city! San Diego is one of my favourite cities, mainly because of the coffee culture and the plethora of coffee shops and roasters scattered throughout the city.

For coffee lovers like myself, this means that there is always a new and exciting place to try out.

I’ve highlighted some of the best coffee roasters in San Diego, so you can get a taste of the city’s finest brews.

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San Diego’s coffee roasters have got you covered. From small-batch roasters to larger operations, each roaster has its own unique approach to coffee.

When I first visited San Diego I found that each roaster has its own distinct personality, making it easy to find a coffee shop that suits everyones tatse. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best coffee roasters in San Diego.

San Diego's best coffee roasters

10 Best Coffee Roasters in San Diego

San Diego is known for its excellent coffee roasters. Whether you’re looking for a cozy cafe to enjoy your morning cup of joe or a local roaster to take home, San Diego has it all. Here’s my top 10 best coffee roasters in San Diego.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is a well-known coffee roaster in San Diego. They believe in sourcing high-quality beans and roasting them to perfection. They have multiple locations throughout the city, including their original location in La Jolla. Their coffee is available for purchase online or in-store.

James Coffee Co.

James Coffee Co. is an independent coffee roaster located in Escondido, California that has been handcrafting small-batch artisan roasted coffee beans since 2010. They source high quality beans from around the world and roast them in small batches to highlight unique flavors. James Coffee Co. is committed to producing the highest quality coffee through experimentation and careful attention to the roasting process.

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters

Dark Horse Coffee Roasters is a popular coffee roaster in San Diego. They roast their coffee in-house and offer a variety of blends and single-origin coffees. They have multiple locations throughout the city, including their original location in Normal Heights.

Heartwork Coffee Bar

Heartwork Coffee Bar is a family owned cafe located in San Diego’s historic Mission Hills neighborhood that has been serving the community since 2015. In addition to locally roasted coffee, they bake fresh pastries from scratch daily and aim to provide a welcoming community space for people to gather and connect. Heartwork Coffee Bar is dedicated to supporting other local small businesses and sourcing ingredients from within California.

Coffee & Tea Collective

Coffee & Tea Collective is a coffeehouse and roastery located in North Park, San Diego specializing in small-batch roasted coffee and specialty teas. They curate unique coffee varieties from around the world and roast small batches to bring out the best flavors. Coffee & Tea Collective strives to connect customers with the stories behind their beans through education and community events.

Modern Times Coffee

Modern Times Coffee is an independent coffee brand based in Point Loma, San Diego that operates a cafe, test kitchen, and roastery. In addition to serving specialty coffee and food, they ethically source green coffee beans and roast small batches on-site. Modern Times Coffee aims to be sustainable, transparent, and provide a welcoming community space for customers and employees.

Achilles Coffee Roasters

Achilles Coffee Roasters is an independent specialty coffee roaster located in Barrio Logan, San Diego. They hand-select high quality coffee beans from around the world and roast small batches to highlight unique flavors. Achilles Coffee Roasters is dedicated to connecting customers to the farmers and origins of their coffee through education.

Zumbar Coffee & Tea

Zumbar Coffee & Tea is a small-batch specialty coffee roaster located in North Park, San Diego. In addition to roasting coffee, they offer a selection of loose-leaf teas and pastries. Zumbar Coffee & Tea prides itself on supporting local artists and musicians through monthly popup events and performances at its cafe.

The WestBean Coffee Roaster

The WestBean Coffee Roaster is a family-owned specialty coffee roaster located in University Heights, San Diego. They hand-select coffee beans based on quality, flavor profile, and growing practices. The WestBean Coffee Roaster roasts small batches to bring out unique flavors and connects customers to the stories behind each coffee.

Ryan Bros

Ryan Bros is a coffee roaster and cafe located in Barrio Logan, San Diego specializing in single-origin coffee. They carefully source coffee beans from small farms around the world that practice sustainable growing methods. Ryan Bros is committed to educating customers about coffee origins and roasts each batch to highlight flavors.

Each of these coffee roasters has their own unique style and approach to coffee. Some focus on single-origin beans, while others offer blends. Some have cozy cafes where you can enjoy your coffee, while others focus on roasting and selling beans for home brewing.

No matter what your preference, San Diego has a coffee roaster that will satisfy your caffeine cravings.

What is the oldest coffee shop in San Diego?

The oldest coffee shop in San Diego is Café Moto, established in 1990. Located in Barrio Logan, Café Moto is known for its artisan coffee roasting, environmentally friendly practices, and commitment to quality.

Are there any unique coffee blends or flavors specific to San Diego?

Yes, San Diego’s coffee scene offers unique blends and flavors inspired by the city’s diverse cultural influences. Some popular local favorites include Mexican mocha, lavender-infused lattes, and sea salt caramel cold brew.

Where can I find coffee shops with live roasting experiences?

For a live coffee roasting experience, visit James Coffee, Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, or The WestBean Coffee Roasters in Bankers Hill. These establishments often provide insight into the roasting process and allow you to witness the magic firsthand.

Are there any San Diego coffee roasters that specialize in organic or fair trade coffee?

Yes, several coffee roasters in San Diego prioritize organic and fair trade practices. You can explore roasteries like Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, and Zumbar Coffee & Tea, which offer a wide selection of sustainably sourced beans.

Where can I learn about the art of coffee roasting in San Diego?

If you’re interested in learning about coffee roasting, consider attending workshops or classes offered by local roasteries. James Coffee Co. and Modern Times Coffee occasionally host educational events focused on the intricacies of coffee roasting and brewing methods. Check their websites for upcoming workshops.

Can I purchase green coffee beans directly from San Diego coffee roasters?

Yes! Some San Diego coffee roasters, such as Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, offer green coffee beans for home roasters. This allows you to explore the roasting process in the comfort of your own home.

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