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Ben Ferguson has been a coffee lover for as long as he can remember.

Ever since he was a kid and would sneak sips of his Mum’s Moka Pot coffee. Which is probably where the passion began.

After graduating high school, Ben started with an administrative role at a small business and later worked as an assistant for an accountant. 

While the jobs were stable, Ben felt unfulfilled and longed to learn more about his true love – coffee. 

So after a few years in front of a screen, Ben knew he wanted to pursue coffee full time and got his first job at a local coffee shop. 

For over a decade now, Ben has immersed himself in all things coffee. He started as a barista at that small shop and mastered brewing different styles of coffee and pulling the perfect espresso.

After a couple of years of experience as a barista, Ben was promoted to manager where he oversaw operations and training of new baristas.

It was during his time as manager that Ben really fell in love with specialty coffee and started learning about coffee origins and roasting processes. 

Ben’s curiosity led him to pursue more education in coffee.

He attended coffee courses and trained with roasters to expand his coffee knowledge.

He eventually worked as a coffee roaster for a specialty roaster in his hometown. Now, Ben works as a coffee educator and writer. 

To help other coffee lovers discover great local roasters, Ben started Coffee Roaster Finder.

Coffee is Ben’s passion and it shows in his work as an educator and entrepreneur in the industry.

After over a decade in coffee, Ben has become a true coffee expert and advocate for specialty coffee.

In his spare time outside of coffee, Ben enjoys hiking with his dog Alf, playing guitar, and cooking incredible food with his partner Becky.

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