Andytown Coffee Roasters

Andytown Coffee Roasters is a popular artisan coffee roaster and bakery situated in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco.

Known for their commitment to quality and community, Andytown has become a staple for locals seeking a comfortable atmosphere and a great cup of coffee. Their dedication to delivering exceptional brews and pastries has earned them rave reviews and a dedicated customer base.

Address: 3629 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA 94116, USA

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Located near the Great Highway, Andytown Coffee Roasters offers visitors and residents a chance to experience the true essence of the Outer Sunset neighborhood: a cozy, laid-back ambiance combined with top-quality food and drink.

Their unique blends of coffee beans, sourced from various regions, are freshly roasted in-house, guaranteeing a flavorful caffeine boost for every patron.

In addition to their delicious coffee offerings, Andytown also has a food program that features scrumptious pastries and sandwiches, perfect for a quick and satisfying bite.

So, if you find yourself in San Francisco, particularly near the Outer Sunset or the Great Highway, make sure to stop by Andytown Coffee Roasters. Sip a cup of their specialty coffee and enjoy the warm, welcoming atmosphere that has made them a beloved fixture in the community.

Coffee and Menu Highlights

Signature Drinks

Andytown Coffee Roasters offers an excellent selection of signature drinks to satisfy every coffee lover’s cravings. Their famous Snowy Plover is a must-try – a refreshing mix of espresso, sparkling water, and whipped cream. Other popular choices include their smooth Matcha and unique Almond Latte. For those looking for something more classic, their expertly crafted espresso and mocha options are sure to please.

Food and Bakery Items

To complement their delicious coffee, Andytown serves tasty food and bakery items prepared daily. Guests are often delighted by their scrumptious soda bread and fresh-baked scones. The bakery items are made in-house, featuring local ingredients and creative flavor combinations.

Roasting and Beans

A key factor in Andytown’s success is their dedication to roasting their own beans and providing high-quality specialty coffee. By roasting in-house, they can ensure a consistent and exceptional coffee experience while highlighting the unique characteristics of each bean. Whether savoring an espresso, indulging in a Matcha, or enjoying a Snowy Plover, visitors can appreciate the quality and care that goes into every cup.

Visit Andytown

Shop Location and Hours

Andytown Coffee Roasters is an artisan coffee roaster and bakery located in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco. Their main shop can be found on Taraval Street, with additional locations across the city. Known for its welcoming atmosphere, Andytown proudly caters to the Outer Sunset community.

Operating hours for their locations may vary, so it is always a good idea to check their website for the most up-to-date information. Patrons can enjoy Andytown’s outdoor seating options like the cozy back patio, which is also dog-friendly. They even provide a dog bowl for your furry friends, although, only service dogs are allowed inside the cafe.

Ordering and Pickup

For those on the go, Andytown offers an easy and convenient order ahead option through their website. You can choose from their wide selection of gourmet coffee, teas, and delectable baked goods. Simply place your order, and it will be ready upon your arrival.

While street parking is available near the shop, it can be a bit challenging to find a spot during busy times. Nevertheless, the quick and efficient pickup process at Andytown makes the overall experience enjoyable and time-saving.

So whether you’re looking to relax on their back patio or quickly grab a warm cup of coffee, Andytown Coffee Roasters provides a casual and delightful experience tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular blends from Andytown Coffee Roasters?

Andytown Coffee Roasters offers a variety of coffee blends to suit different tastes. Although specific information about their most popular blends is not available, you can browse their online shop to explore their range of coffees and customer favorites.

Where can I find Andytown Coffee Roasters’ locations in San Francisco?

Andytown Coffee Roasters is known for its Outer Sunset location in San Francisco. For more detailed information on their locations, visit their official website.

How did Andytown Coffee get its start?

Andytown Coffee Roasters was founded in San Francisco’s Outer Sunset neighborhood. It has since become a popular destination for coffee enthusiasts seeking a cozy atmosphere and delicious coffee options.

Can I buy Andytown Coffee beans online?

Yes, Andytown Coffee Roasters offers an online shop where you can purchase coffee beans, merchandise, and more. Plus, you can sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on their latest offerings and events.

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