Olympia Coffee Roasters

Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. is a small, quality-focused coffee roaster based in the Pacific Northwest, with a mission to improve the quality of life for their coffee farmers, staff, and customers.

As a Certified B Corporation, Olympia Coffee sets itself apart with a commitment to not just serving exquisite coffee, but also making a positive impact on the community and the environment.

With retail locations throughout the Puget Sound region, including Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia, this coffee roaster has succeeded in creating a strong presence in the local coffee scene.

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At Olympia Coffee, their slow-coffee approach exemplifies their quality-obsessed philosophy.

Their dedication to exceptional taste and ethical sourcing ensures that they deliver a cup worth savoring.

By fostering close relationships with their coffee farmers and nurturing a supportive work environment for staff, they have built a thriving, sustainable community that reflects their values.

Their relentless pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee comes through not only in the beans they roast, but also in the continuous development of their brand.

A recent brand refresh keeps their company aesthetic current while maintaining their commitment to excellence. Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. ultimately stands as a shining example for companies who seek to create a lasting impact in the industry and community alike.

How To Find Olympia Coffee Roasters

Olympia Coffee Roasters is known for their quality-obsessed approach to crafting the perfect cup of java. With various locations across the Pacific Northwest, it’s easy to find a shop to enjoy their espresso blends.

One of their popular espresso blends is the Big Truck, which has been described as “unequivocally dope” by Sprudge.com. Olympia Coffee Roasters has cafes in several areas, including:

  • Downtown Olympia
  • West Olympia
  • Proctor (Tacoma)
  • Seattle
  • West Seattle

If you’re visiting one of these neighborhoods, keep an eye out for the Olympia Coffee Roasters logo and take a break to enjoy their high-quality java and pastries. Each location has its own unique charm and offers a welcoming atmosphere for you to connect with the local community. Check out their website to get more detailed information about the hours and specific addresses of each shop.

Aside from serving a perfect cup of coffee, Olympia Coffee Roasters also offers a variety of merchandise, such as shirts and reusable cups. They take pride in providing quality service to the community, so you’ll find friendly baristas and an excellent selection of coffee drinks in all of their cafes.

Next time you’re in one of the mentioned neighborhoods, be sure to swing by an Olympia Coffee Roasters location to experience their quality-obsessed approach firsthand!

Can You Buy Olympia Coffee Online?

Yes, you can buy Olympia Coffee online. This quality-focused roaster from the Pacific Northwest is dedicated to providing the perfect cup of coffee. Known for their best in the country espresso blends and teas, they have gained quite a reputation among coffee enthusiasts.

Olympia Coffee Roasting is not just about crafting delicious coffee— they are also quality-obsessed. They ensure sustainability by sourcing directly from farmers and roasting their coffee seasonally. Their mission goes beyond providing coffee updates to customers; they are committed to offering an exceptional coffee experience.

For those who want to enjoy Olympia Coffee regularly, you can subscribe to their service. Subscriptions make it easier for customers to receive their favorite espresso, roaster selections, and teas right at their doorstep. With a casual and friendly approach to customer service, they have made the process simple and accessible.

In a nutshell, coffee lovers can enjoy the flavors offered by Olympia Coffee Roasting by purchasing their products online. Their dedication to quality and sustainable sourcing makes their brews a staple for anyone wanting a great coffee experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Olympia Coffee beans?

You can purchase Olympia Coffee beans directly from their official website. They offer a variety of delicious coffees available for both home and wholesale customers.

Which coffee roaster is considered the best in the Pacific Northwest?

Olympia Coffee Roasting Company is a small, quality-focused roaster from the Pacific Northwest that has been rated as the best coffee in Washington by Food & Wine. Their commitment to providing quality coffee and service has garnered them a strong reputation in the region.

Are there any Olympia Coffee locations in Columbia City?

Currently, there is no information available about Olympia Coffee locations in Columbia City. However, they do have multiple locations in the Washington area. You can check their official website for updates and more information about their locations.

What are customers saying about Olympia Coffee Roasters?

Customers have shared positive reviews about Olympia Coffee Roasters on various platforms like Tripadvisor, where it’s ranked as the #2 Coffee & Tea spot in Olympia. They’re known for their exceptional taste and quality of coffee. In addition, Birdeye also features numerous customer reviews praising their coffee and service.

What steps has Olympia Coffee Roasters taken towards paying a living wage?

Olympia Coffee Roasters is committed to providing a quality experience not only for their customers but also for the farmers they source their coffee from. They focus on sustainable sourcing and building lasting relationships with farmers, which includes ensuring the farmers receive a fair wage. More details about their mission and coffee sourcing can be found on their About Us page.

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